ID21 lifting column

General features

The ID21 lifting column is perfect for use in elegant, comfortable, electrically height-adjustable tables.
It comes with no visible functional openings or imprints in the profile. This offers the most freedom for all imaginable design requirements.
The outstanding stability enables it to be built into modern table systems without an additional crossbeam.
The three-part ID21 can be used as a single column or in multi-parallel systems.

Benefits for the customer

  • Modern design
  • Patented sliding system ensures outstanding stability
  • Smooth profile without functional openings or imprints
  • Minimum air gap between the individual profiles
  • Powerful 24 V DC motor with 2 Hall sensors
  • Special gear for whisper-quiet operations
  • All column profiles move synchronously
  • Use for constructing stable table systems according to DIN EN 527 and DIN Fb 147 without the need for a disturbing crossbeam in the footwell
  • German engineering and design




Double Rail
Adjustable Frame
Min./Full Extended Length 1220 x 1820 mm / 48″ x 71.6″
Min. Table Depth 600 mm / 22.0″
Color Black RAL 9005
Dimensions A-Type: 710 x 84 mm / 27.9″ x 3.3″
B-Type: 710 x 80 mm / 27.9″ x 3.15″
Color Black RAL 9005
Silver Grey RAL 9006
White RAL 9016
Load capacity max. 800 N / 180 lbs push
Stroke length 650 mm / 25.59″
Fitting dimension 520 mm / 20.47″
Duty cycle 2/18 min. or 10 %, max. 5 switching cycles per minute
Motor voltage maintenance-free 24 V DC motor
Limit switch below: via microswitches
above: via virtual limit switches
Supply cable 1200 mm / 47.24″, straight
Protection type IP20
Relative humidity 30% – 75%
Ambient temperature +10°C – +40°C
1 depending on the drive configuration and the control components which are used

Backed by more than our word alone.

Our systems are backed by a 2-year warranty and built by an experienced team which designs, engineers, and thoroughly tests each system. Our systems are also certified to ensure each OKIN actuator system contains only safe and high-performance components.

C UL Listed