Elevated Ergonomics

Find a flexible actuator for your workspace

At OKIN, we develop elegant electronic height-adjusting systems for modern sit/stand desks that are engineered, designed, tested and manufactured, to complement their environment with optimal style and versatility. Whether it’s in an open office, an industrial workspace, or somewhere a little more unique, our solutions are built to fit your space.

Anatomy of
an Actuator

Connect and Sync

Synchronize up to 3 columns with the option of running 6 columns in parallel.

Sophisticated Design

Our lifting columns feature a smooth profile for a beautiful and unblemished look.

Testing to the Limits and Beyond

From fall to self-locking and life-cycle testing, we do it all to ensure the stability and reliability of every system inside and out.

Anti-Collision Software

Available Intelligent System Protection (ISP) software detects collisions and stops all channels and reverses the motion of the actuator system up to 11/2 inches.

Patented Gliding Technology

Unique “stair-step” technology where the inner profiles move outwards, providing added stability, rigid support and fluid motion, when lifting and collapsing columns.

Handsets and Control Units

We carry a full product line of options for handsets and control units for greater flexibility in your setup.

See Accessories

Three Color Choices

Lifting columns and feet are available in three RAL colors Black, White Aluminum, and White.

Customizable Systems

You can purchase complate systems, or choose to leave components out, such as feet if you’re considering a benching option.